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Tri Tip

Tri Tip - Wyatt's
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Our Tri Tip Recipe is one that we have been making for friends and family at the Good Courage Ranch for years and we thought it was about time to share it with all the good folks at Wyatt’s. First, we dry rub our tri-tip with our proprietary special blend of herbs and spices and then let it rest overnight. The next day we slowly smoke it for hours with chunks of mesquite and mop it at least once an hour with our secret mop recipe to keep it moist and add another layer of flavor. It is freshly sliced to order.
I almost forgot….Our Tri Tip is served with a side of Mac & Cheese topped with Bacon Crumbles and a Parmesan Cheese Mix, our Signature Pico de Gallo Coleslaw, a slice of Texas Toast, and a side of BBQ Sauce.

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